ARACHNOsys offers groundbreaking acrylic enclosures for invertebrates with unique registered designs and unprecedented features. Our products are suitable for a wide range of arboreal, terrestrial and fossorial living animals, including tarantulas, scorpions, true spiders, millipedes and many more.


Dear customers,

A brief update on the current delivery bottleneck: The manufacturing of the missing components for 380 enclosures and 120 sling boxes has been completed. The parts are on the transportation route by freight train und will be subsequently forwarded to us by a truckage company. Due to the current severe congestion concerning the freight traffic, the delivery company is unfortunately not able to provide us a scheduled delivery date.
We do apologize for the delay and hope for your understanding. Thank you for all the support and patience!

The features which make our enclosures unique:

Maximum transparency

Why acrylic isn't enough

Cross Ventilation
No stagnant air allowed

Build your wall of enclosures

And what else it is good for

Refilling the water dishes
Tiny details which make life easier