About us

The story of ARACHNOsys began in 2018, when a friend and me, two guys in Germany, decided to design their own tarantula enclosures. Being in the hobby of keeping and breeding reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates for plenty of years, we decided to solve the issue that there are no optimized terrariums offered for animals like tarantulas here in Europe. The usual enclosures available didn’t meet our demands anymore, neither in functionality nor in design.

Concerning the material the decision was easy: Acrylic not only gives us the possibility to create much lighter and less fragile enclosures but also offers way more room for creating new groundbreaking designs.

Based on my professional background as a design engineer, I used 3D-CAD for designing our enclosures. To be able to do faster prototyping, we also decided to buy a professional laser-cutter. With this equipment it was possible to build dozens of prototypes within a short time and optimize our products in a way that simply isn’t possible if you need other companies to create your prototypes.


I am an active keeper of currently more than 40 different species of old and new world tarantulas and other invertebrates. I test and use our products thoroughly. Our products are „made by keepers for keepers“, offering a stunning design and unique product features which bring keeping invertebrates to a new level.

Give it a try - we would love to hear from you!