The lock
And what else it is good for
The doors can be opened and closed by simply turning the lock. Either the handle
on the rotation cover or the hole in the door can be used as a door handle.
When the door is closed the lock
covers the hole.
In case the lock isn’t turned until the
limit stop, the door cannot be opened,
however, the hole can be used to put
food items, spray the enclosure or do
other maintenance work without the
need to open the entire door. This
significantly reduces disturbance of
your tarantula and the chance it will
bolt out of its enclosure.
In case the lock is turned until the limit
stop, the door can be opened.
The hole in the door can also be used
to transfer an arboreal spider from a
catch cup into the enclosure.
A locking nut provides the possibility to adjust the tension of the locking mechanism
to suit.