Why acrylic isn’t enough
Most parts of our enclosures are made of acrylic glass.
The reasons are simple: A terrarium made of acrylic glass
is just 50% of the weight of a glass terrarium of the same
size. Especially for people who carry their enclosures for
feeding or maintenance, this is a huge advantage. In
addition, acrylic glass can be laser-cut in any thinkable
shape, which allows more flexibility in design, and for
instance no need to use mesh or perforated aluminium
sheets for ventilation. All ventilation holes in our
enclosures are laser-cut.
However, movable parts like the doors can warp if they are made of acrylic glass.
This happens especially if there is high humidity inside the enclosure and dry air
outside. Deformed acrylic doors do not only
look poor, but can also cause problems
when opening or closing them. That is the
reason why we decided to introduce a
second material especially for the doors of
our enclosures: Polycarbonat.
Polycarbonat doesn’t absorb any water and
therefore doesn’t warp, no matter how
humid the environment is. Its highly
durable and virtually unbreakable (for
instance it’s used for motorcycle helmet
visors), which in our opinion makes it the
best material for the doors. It also allows us to get rid of those plastic hinges which
tend to make annoying squeaking noises while opening or closing the doors.
Door made of Polycarbonate