Maximum transparency
Our ambition was to eliminate everything nontransparent. A clear frameless design.
No round aluminium or plastic elements with mesh insert, in fact no mesh at all, no
perforated aluminium sheets, no hinges, no silicon joints, no plastic knobs or
handles, no black U-shaped rails, no black plastic parts at all. Nothing that
interferes the view into the enclosure. Nothing that distracts from the main point:
What’s inside the enclosure.
In our enclosures designed for tarantulas we
do not use any mesh. The two claws at the
end of each of the spider’s legs can easily
get stuck in the mesh, causing danger to the
animal if not discovered in time. All ventilation
holes are laser-cut and therefore save for
We do not use guillotine doors, since they
either require to be held open with one hand
or to be removed completely when opening
the enclosure. In addition, they need
unattractive black U-shaped rails. Those rails
are also needed for sliding doors, which due
to the horizontal arrangement become soiled
easily and then get difficult to open or create
annoying noises while being opened.